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Advantages of Dentures to your Oral Health

Unlock a world of confident smiles and optimal oral health with the transformative advantages of dentures, restoring your vibrant, joyful grin!

  • Dentures - Precision Dentistry of HowardImproved Digestion and Nutrition: Rediscover the pleasure of eating a balanced diet. With our dentures, you can comfortably chew a variety of foods, promoting better digestion and overall nutritional health.
  • Dentures - Precision Dentistry of HowardEasy Maintenance and Care: Simplify your daily routine with dentures that are easy to clean and maintain. Our hassle-free care instructions ensure that your oral hygiene remains a breeze.
  • Dentures - Precision Dentistry of HowardComprehensive Support and Education: We're not just providing dentures; we're offering ongoing support and education. Access resources and guidance to ensure you make the most of your dentures, empowering you to maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.
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    What You Need To Know About Dentures

    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Dentures are removable dental devices crafted to replace missing teeth, comprising artificial teeth on a gum-colored acrylic base. They are custom-made, either full (for complete tooth loss) or partial (for some remaining natural teeth), providing oral restoration and functionality.
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard

    The Role of Dentures to your Optimal Health

    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Dentures are essential for promoting optimal health by restoring oral function and overall well-being. They enable chewing, speaking, and maintaining oral hygiene for those with missing teeth, improving nutrition, digestion, self-esteem, and social confidence. Additionally, dentures prevent complications like tooth shifting, facial changes, and speech difficulties. Beyond functionality, dentures support overall health by preventing systemic issues linked to poor oral health, reducing risks of conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Regular oral care and check-ups are vital for denture wearers, ensuring the longevity of the prosthesis and contributing to holistic health and vitality.

    Our Approach to Dentures

    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    At Precision Dentistry of Howard, we are dedicated to delivering precise and personalized denture care. Recognizing each patient’s unique needs, our experienced team uses cutting-edge technology to create dentures that restore function and enhance aesthetics. Our process involves a thorough assessment, considering factors like jaw structure and individual preferences.
    We prioritize open communication, keeping patients informed and comfortable throughout. Meticulously designed with attention to detail, our dentures offer a comfortable fit, natural appearance, and optimal functionality, allowing patients to regain confidence in their smiles and oral health. Going beyond traditional solutions, we aim for precision at every step, exceeding expectations and improving overall oral well-being.
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard

    The Guide Will Show You

    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard

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    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard

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    Dentures FAQs

    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Experience top-tier dental care at Precise Dentistry of Howard. Our skilled team offers comprehensive dental services, from routine check-ups to advanced treatments, ensuring your smile’s health and beauty.
    Are dentures the right choice for me?
    Absolutely! Dentures are an excellent solution for those missing multiple teeth. At Precision Dentistry of Howard, our experienced team will assess your oral health, discuss your preferences, and guide you through the denture options that best fit your needs. We prioritize your comfort and confidence in achieving a natural-looking smile.
    The timeline for dentures varies, but typically, it takes a few weeks. After your initial consultation at our Green Bay, WI clinic, our skilled dentists will take impressions and measurements for custom fitting. Subsequent appointments involve fittings and adjustments, ensuring your dentures provide optimal comfort and functionality. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality dentures efficiently without compromising precision.
    Absolutely! While an adjustment period is normal, our patients at Precision Dentistry of Howard quickly adapt to eating with dentures. Initially, start with softer foods and gradually reintroduce your regular diet. Our team will provide guidance on proper care and maintenance, ensuring your dentures remain secure and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods with confidence.
    Maintaining your dentures is crucial for longevity and oral health. At our Green Bay clinic, we recommend daily cleaning with a denture brush and mild cleanser. Remove and rinse them after meals, and when not in use, soak them in water or a denture-cleaning solution. Regular check-ups at Precision Dentistry of Howard allow us to monitor and adjust your dentures for optimal comfort and fit.
    Absolutely! Dentures not only restore your smile but also provide support for facial muscles, preventing a sunken appearance often associated with tooth loss. At Precision Dentistry of Howard, our customized dentures are crafted to enhance your natural facial contours, promoting a youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Regain your confidence and smile radiantly with our personalized denture solutions.
    It’s normal to experience a slight adjustment period, but with time, most patients speak comfortably with dentures. Precision Dentistry of Howard ensures precise fittings, minimizing any impact on speech. Practicing regular speech exercises and reading aloud can expedite the adaptation process, and our team is always here to address any concerns and make necessary adjustments for optimal speech function.
    Absolutely! At Precision Dentistry of Howard, we understand the importance of accessible dental care. We offer a range of denture options to accommodate various budgets. During your consultation at our Green Bay clinic, our team will discuss cost estimates and work with you to find a solution that aligns with your financial considerations while ensuring top-notch quality and functionality.
    While it’s generally recommended to remove dentures at night to allow your gums to rest, some people may choose to sleep with them occasionally. However, regular removal and cleaning contribute to oral health. Precision Dentistry of Howard advises following our care guidelines to maintain the longevity of your dentures and promote overall oral hygiene.
    The lifespan of dentures varies based on factors such as care, usage, and oral health. At Precision Dentistry of Howard, we create durable, high-quality dentures designed to withstand daily wear. With proper care and regular check-ups, our patients enjoy long-lasting results. Our team will guide you on maintaining your dentures to ensure they provide lasting comfort and functionality.
    Absolutely! At Precision Dentistry of Howard, our experienced dentists assess each patient individually, taking existing dental issues into account. Dentures can be a suitable solution, and our team will work with you to address any underlying concerns before proceeding with the denture process. Your oral health and overall well-being are our priorities, ensuring a tailored approach for optimal results.

    Meet Our Doctor

    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Proudly Serving the Green Bay Community
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Craig O’Donoghue, DDS
    Dr. O’Donoghue earned his dental degree from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry after doing his undergraduate work at the University of Alaska in Anchorage and Fairbanks. He has taken extensive postgraduate education in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, dentures, IV sedation, oral surgery, and more, allowing him to provide his patients with comprehensive care to achieve the healthy, beautiful smiles of their dreams.
    His commitment to lifelong education ensures the highest level of care, both today and tomorrow. In his spare time, Dr. O’Donoghue enjoys cooking and baking with his daughters, gardening, hunting, fishing, and beekeeping.

    Patient Testimonials

    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Discover the heartfelt stories of satisfied patients at Precise Dentistry of Howard in glowing testimonials of exceptional dental care.
    Michelle Short
    2 months ago
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    I came to the office at Precision Dental of Howard for a consult about tooth implants to replace two teeth that I had extracted. Prior to the extractions, I had an ongoing infection in my mouth that 2 dentists, 2 ENT's, and an oral surgeon could not figure out. I had one x-ray at Precision Dental, and Dr. O'Donoghue was able to tell me more about the possible origins of the infection than all of the providers that I had seen combined. The news was not great, but I was so grateful for his expertise and explanation of what may be going on. Clearly, he has so much knowledge to share, and truly wants to help people. I am beyond appreciative that I may be finally figuring out the source of the infection, and taking steps to once again have a healthy mouth and smile. It has been a very long road. Very happy to have found him!
    Andrey Okhman
    5 months ago
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Amazing place. Had a problem where I needed a crown on one of my tooth and Craig and his team did an amazing job.
    Cynthia BIelawski
    6 months ago
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Dr. O’Donoghue I have to tip my hat to you and bow!!! You made me feel very comfortable and I am a person who came to you for help with a mouth full of failed teeth and a white knuckle fear of the dentist. Your skills are quite extensive and your nature is kind, honest and gentle. In addition your staff is also splendid and very supportive and helpful. Katarina and Sophia, I can’t thank you enough and it is such a comfort, to me, as a patient, that you all work in sync with each other. Blessings to you all!!!
    dana black
    6 months ago
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    I had the best experience and the price was less than others!! I had an implant and there was no pain and it looks great too!!! Dr O and his team are so so friendly. If you need any work done, see him. He also removes wisdom teeth, I wish he was in town sooner to have done my sons!! Great dental experiences for sure!!!!
    brian jeske
    7 months ago
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Absolutely by far, the best dental experience I have had. I have had an extensive amount of previous dental work done, and with the installation of my first implant performed at precision dentistry being the most extensive work. I couldn't imagine a better experience. Virtually painless every single time and the work was done with the highest level of precision. To sum up the experience. If I had not been awake for experience I wouldn't even have know it happened. Extremely pleased and happy with the work is an understatement! A very happy patient!!
    Richard Hynes
    10 months ago
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    I finally have a dentist that cares about you as a person, the service was nothing less than awesome! Please give Precision Dentistry a call!
    James Hendricks
    11 months ago
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    If you are looking for a dental home offering patient-centered care, this is the place for you. Dr. O’Donoghue and team are fantastic.
    Holly M
    12 months ago
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Wonderful dentist who does what he does very well and with precision and care. Goes the extra step. Even shovels his own sidewalk if not done to perfection by those he hires to do it. All about patient care - few of these left anymore
    sihana elmazi
    12 months ago
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard
    Throughout the years, I’ve seen quite a few dentist and have never been completely satisfied. After meeting Dr. O’donoghue I felt more than just a patient. Dr. O’donoghue at precision dentistry is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. In addition you can see his passion for dentistry. He’s very thorough a perfectionist and great at building. A treatment plan that works for you super clean environment super friendly I can’t say enough good things about precision dentistry.
    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard

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    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard

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    Dentures - Precision Dentistry of Howard

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